Published: Thu, March 15, 2018
Global | By Shelia Dennis

Pompeo can bring the State Department back in the foreign policy game

Pompeo can bring the State Department back in the foreign policy game

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was ousted Tuesday after a turbulent tenure with President Donald Trump, blindsiding the former ExxonMobil Corp CEO just hours after he returned from a almost week-long trip to Africa. His efforts as the state department's chief executive were worse; Mr Tillerson accepted the administration's demand for a massive cut in its budget (Congress did not) and launched a reorganisation of the department which appears to have succeeded mostly in driving out some of its top talent.

Outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

And now they're claiming rights all over the South China Sea, ripping us off on trade - see what you did, Rex?

Meanwhile, Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyoming told reporters the Senate needs to do a "quick confirmation" process for Pompeo or risk further delays in filling the administration's already hefty vacancies. "When you look at the Iran deal, I thought it was awful, he thought it was okay".

Lu said China hopes that the USA "can maintain the positive situation that has recently developed on the Korean peninsula, including the positive desire shown by both the American and North Korean sides for willing, direct talks".

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Trump and Tillerson were portrayed in the media as having "a lot of problems" and not seeing "eye to eye on a whole host of issues", the expert noted.

Rex Tillerson's tenure as Secretary of State is over and it nearly feels like an act of mercy to put an old, sick pet down.

Or perhaps it's because, last autumn, reports emerged about Mr. Tillerson calling his boss a "moron" in private.

The State Department is also working with European countries to negotiate adjustments to the Iran deal, without which Trump has promised to scuttle the agreement in May.

Trump also thanked Tillerson for his service.

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Mr Tillerson had just returned from a shortened trip to Africa hours before Mr Trump's announcement. He never mentioned Trump once, and his speech included two coded messages: "I tried to the best of my ability to stop the president's troubling foreign policy, now it is for the generals to continue the battle". As CIA director, Pompeo has enjoyed since past year direct access to the president by briefing him every morning on global intelligence, giving him a decisive advantage over others in the cabinet.

"We're always on the same wavelength", Trump said of Pompeo, whose confirmation hearing is expected in April. "I think Rex is much happier now".

Since Trump took office in 2017 as many as 35 senior officials from his administration have walked out, including Tillerson, according to Citi. But it looks like he was called back due to questions around President Trump's potential meeting with [North Korean leader] Kim Jong Un. He had been out of step on a range of issues--the Iran nuclear deal in particular. And now we're going away from that so we have to think that that's a negative development.

He was also critical of Putin, whereas Trump is decidedly not.

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