Published: Wed, April 11, 2018
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Flint Children To Undergo In-Depth Health Screenings As Part Of Legal Settlement

Flint Children To Undergo In-Depth Health Screenings As Part Of Legal Settlement

The water pods will continue to operate until the current supply is gone.

"It was just pure anger", she said, of her reaction to Friday's announcement.

"It's absolutely essential that every child that was exposed to lead in water has an opportunity for a screening process to determine if they need additional services and programs", Little said.

Flint residents like Claire McClinton sharply disagree with the state's assessment of Flint's water quality.

Great Lakes Now asked McClinton to respond to the State of Michigan's statement that Flint's water is safe to drink. So, it's ending the bottled water distribution program, though it says Flint residents can still receive free water filters.

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For the last four years, Flint residents were supplied with the free water as part of a federal aid package, CNN explains.

"Flint's water is undoubtedly one of the most monitored systems in the country, and for the last 22 months several types of extensive testing data points have consistently supported that Flint's water system has stabilized", said Keith Creagh, director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and former interim director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality who remains the principal on Flint water. "I will be contacting the Governor's office immediately to express the insensitivity of the decision he made today and to make sure that I remind him of the additional needs that I've requested for the residents of Flint", Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said.

"I know this is not the situation any of us want to be in". In this, she was echoed by Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich (D-Flint).

But some Flint residents counter they have used as many as 40 cases of bottled water a week since 2015. The state notes that testing has put Flint at the same level as other cities across the state, thus removing the need for bottled water. Skin rashes from the water are a continuing issue, she said.

A coalition of local and national groups sued the Michigan Department of Education and school districts in the Flint area in 2016, accusing them of failing to address the educational needs of children whose learning abilities were affected by exposure to lead.

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"It's been on the community groups and poisoned residents of Flint to take care of one another", she said.

Even though officials declared Flint water safe based on scientific assessments, the multi-faceted damage caused by the water crisis will be hard to fix. It was a temporary, cost-saving measure, but turned out to be a disastrous mistake.

Before the 2014 water switch, the Flint City Council had backed a plan to join the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline as a new water source, though members have said they thought the city would stay on Detroit water until the new pipeline was completed.

That's when the state admitted briefly switching to using the Flint River without properly treating pipes caused taps to be tainted by lead.

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