Published: Wed, April 11, 2018
Technology | By Russell Knight

Instagram launches "Focus" camera for portrait Stories

Instagram launches

But the bigger news is the introduction of a new feature dubbed "Focus", which is basically a built-in portrait mode that works on a range of devices. Instagram has announced its own portrait mode called Focus today. With this new feature, users will only have to share their Instagram Nametags across their other social media pages and get more followers. Apart from the Nametags, they are also testing out Instagram Video Calling along with a special portrait mode called Focus.

Tap to take a photo or press and hold to record a video. Portrait Mode became a thing with the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus. This update also gives Instagram Stories a leg up over Snapchat and it can be a potential hit with people. There's no guarantee that it will be made available to everyone as a permanent feature.

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Luckily, using Instagram Focus is pretty straightforward. The company acquired Instagram in the year 2013 for $715 million and since then he worked for its growth and development. Instead of typing username and sending a follow request, you can simply point your stories camera at a Nametag to add them.

The Focus feature is found in the Instagram Stories options with Boomerang and Superzoom, and works with iPhone 6s and newer phones and select Androids.

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Users will be able to create their own Nametag QR code from their profile page.

In addition to Focus, Instagram is also rolling out a sticker for Mentions in its iOS app.

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I was playing around with the setting this morning - don't worry you wont be subjected to the selfies - and I'm not sure I enjoy the focus filter all that much.

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