Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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Fear The Walking Dead Will Make Way For More TWD Crossover

Fear The Walking Dead Will Make Way For More TWD Crossover

Rick letting Negan live is done in his memory, but the weight of that decision is somewhat removed when Carl himself is no longer around to see it. In the moment, it's hard to tell how Rick takes the news; on one hand, would it be easier to accept his son's death, if he had been forced to fight the walker to defend himself and his new friend? He believes that starts with creating order and peace. "They are much more hard to defeat". He and Negan square off and Rick goes down. But this is him finally realizing that he has to choose a different way. He wants that for all of the communities. Daryl steps out of the shadows of the room only to agree, leaving fans unsettled at the possibility of Maggie becoming a villain next season. It could likely mean that Rick and Michonne are in danger, but in danger of what?

Though it was clear to everyone that Dwight didn't voluntarily lead the survivors into Negan's trap, not all of them were ready to fully forgive him for past transgressions. With Negan's war just put down, is a civil war rising in its place? When he let Dwight go in the woods with a auto, I thought for sure that Daryl was letting his anger go. "We're talking: dotting i's, crossing t's, that sort of thing".

However, in some twist of fate, they got separated.

"I hope that was you", Tara said, tucking the card into her back pocket. But Rick & Michonne - Rick was wrong to do what he did. "John just won't let him go". And if so, how would Rick react? "Michonne, too", Maggie said.

Instead of harboring all of these negative feelings toward Negan, both Daryl and Maggie need to learn to let go.

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While that's an unlikely move for Jesus, who isn't one for blood and murder, and for Daryl, who hasn't been on the outs with Rick in a long time, it makes complete sense for Maggie, who has been seeking vengeance for Negan's brutal and shocking murder of her husband Glenn (while she was pregnant). He was always about keeping himself alive. But she also shows weakness and rash thinking.

"Like, he could kill Negan".

Georgie may very well may be the optimistic leader this bleak situation needs; if that means a possible showdown with vengeance-minded Maggie, all the better. That Georgie bartered for music suggests the new Walking Dead may not only be calmer and more expansive in its view of the world, but also more strategic and more cultured.

Just after Rick slit Negan's throat, Negan murmured something curious: "The kid didn't know a damn thing". It could spell trouble for the Hilltop too, as Rick could associate the Hilltop with Maggie and not trust the community.

The Walking Dead " s season opened with an Islamic hadith, with calls for mercy.

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Spoilers follow for The Walking Dead season 8.

As fans, we are accustomed to this world and know every character has an intriguing backstory.

A hint might be found in TV Line's interview with Scott Gimple, outgoing showrunner for "The Walking Dead".

Do you think Maggie is making a poor decision to eventually kill Negan?

The episode ended with Rick and his girlfriend Michonne telling Negan they intend to rebuild civilization and will keep him imprisoned as an example to those who would violate its laws.

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