Published: Wed, April 18, 2018
Medicine | By Melba Vasquez

Lung Cancer Patients Will Gain Extra Years Of Life Through Immunotherapy

Lung Cancer Patients Will Gain Extra Years Of Life Through Immunotherapy

"This study is emblematic of SU2C's focus on Cancer Interception, finding new treatment approaches to intervene in the natural development of cancer, so that cancer patients may become long-term survivors".

Historically, chemotherapy or chemoradiotherapy, is given to lung cancer patients to shrink a large, non-metastasized tumor, and in the past, immunotherapeutic agents have been administered after surgery with limited results.

"A new cancer treatment can help some lung cancer tumors "[melt] away", seriously prolonging patients' lives, according to a series of breakthrough studies revealed this week. Of the two types of lung cancer, small cell lung cancer is less common than non-small cell lung cancer, which affects up to 85% of all lung cancer patients.

Bristol-Myers had made a change midway through the trial, a move that prompted some skeptics to question whether the drugmaker was altering the trial to try and create a better result. While that's a notable difference, the drug did not stop cancer entirely in most patients.

Gandhi wondered, Would using immunotherapy earlier in treatment, alongside chemotherapy, do more for patients? It's the biggest win so far for immunotherapy, which has had much of its success until now in less common cancers.

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In one study of immunotherapy drugs, a team at Johns Hopkins medical school treated 20 patients with one of the medicines before they completed surgery to remove tumors. In total, 299 previously untreated patients with stage 4 NSCLC whose cancer had high TMB were randomized to either the immunotherapy combination (139 patients) or platinum-doublet chemotherapy (160 patients). The remaining two people died, one of cancer, and the other of an unrelated head injury.

Side effects were nearly universal - 99.8 percent of patients who received Keytruda and chemotherapy experienced them. "By making these tumor cells sensitive to the immune system, not only do we see tumor shrinkage, but also [we see an] ongoing response due to the immune system's ability to continue to monitor for the presence of these tumor cells".

For advanced patients without a lot of mutations but who have lots of immune cells in their tumor, Keytruda alone looks like a good option, he said.

The estimated survival at 12 months was 69.2 percent in the group that received immunotherapy, and 49.4 percent in those who did not.

"It is fantastic news for patients with this disease", he said.

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"We're not almost where we need to be yet", said Dr. Roy Herbst, a Yale Cancer Center lung expert who had no role in the studies. And the drugs are expensive: Treatment costs about $100,000 a year. Yet, median survival among the study participants who received both immunotherapy and chemo has not yet been reached.

The patients experienced a significantly longer period during which their disease did not worsen, compared with people who received only chemotherapy, said Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center oncologist Matthew Hellman, who led the study.

The American Cancer Society projects about 234,030 new cases of lung cancer will be diagnosed in the USA this year, and about 154,050 Americans will die from it.

"It represents a sea change in the way we think about treating lung cancer", she said. "That is extraordinary", he tells NBC. But that one week was awful.

Then in 2013 Fernandez was treated with Opdivo. "I was never sick". "All of it is better than what we've been using for years".

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