Published: Sat, May 05, 2018
Global | By Shelia Dennis

Judge rules Trump name can be removed from NYC condo

Judge rules Trump name can be removed from NYC condo

The president's company wouldn't actually lose money if the sign came down: the licensing agreement paid Trump only $1, and that was in 2000.

The judge said the license agreement allows, but doesn't require, the use of Trump's name.

A NY building has won a case to strip itself of the Trump name.

A Manhattan Superior Court judge ruled in favor of Trump Place condominium board's request that they may remove the sign "Trump Place" from the building facade, United States media reported.

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Last year, the board at 200 Riverside began to consider taking down its own signs - after some residents complained that the Trump name might reduce their property values in liberal NY.

A spokesperson for the Trump Organization told The Times that it was "confident that the appeals court will conclude otherwise" compared to the judge's ruling, perhaps indicating the legal battle is far from over against a president well known to fight court battles for years or even decades. Under the guidelines of the deal, the owners of the building would pay Trump a grand total of $1 in exchange for being able to advertise the Trump name on the building forever.

The push to pull Trump's name from buildings is not limited to Trump Place.

The Associated Press reported that 63 percent of owners had responded to an informal survey wanting the name removed, although real estate brokers had differed on whether the Trump name hurt or helped the building's marketability - while police said that it didn't make the building a significant terror target.

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The Trump Organization said it would appeal the ruling. The board has estimated that it would cost about $19,000 to remove the letters and another $23,000 to wash the facade of the building afterward. The Trump SoHo had the name removed from its building in the trendy lower Manhattan area.

Since Trump took office, other buildings have scrubbed away the Trump name, including three buildings just south of 200 Riverside and a hotel in SoHo.

Outside the courtroom, Lawrence S. Rosen, a lawyer for Trump, said of the judge, "she got it wrong but we respect her decision".

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