Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
Research | By Derrick Holloway

WhatsApp black dot bug freezing Android phones

WhatsApp black dot bug freezing Android phones

These messages, according to reports include invisible special characters, which are responsible for crashing the app.

Whatsapp users have been urged to look for "text bombs" created to crash phones and break hearts. This new URL will let you access chats from only those users you want to speak to with the simple filling in of their phone number.

A new bug has been reported by several people, the latest spam message which starts with a "black dot" and ends with "Don't Touch Here" has a virus which can hand the WhatsApp application.

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A reddit thread shares this message and says the "best way" to send it would be through a computer or the WhatsApp Web version. If the user isn't on WhatsApp, it will throw an error message instead. The message was also acting in the same manner, on clicking the message, it can freeze the smartphone of users. If you tap on part of the text, the app will "expand" these symbols, which could cause the app to overload or even crash your entire operating system.

The right-to-left text format is used for languages such as Arabic and Urdu while the more common left-to-right text format is used for languages such as English. Simply avoid these type of text messages or use another messaging app.

Android smartphones with massive processing power might be able to survive the message with just a hanging WhatsApp, but other devices will likely see WhatsApp crash.

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Although it might appear at first that the black spot itself is causing WhatsApp to momentarily hang once someone taps on it, India Times explained that there's something else in play that makes the prank effective, if supposedly harmless in the long run. However, this becomes hard because when you don't want to click on the message notifications that have piled up and accidentally open the wrong chat. Sometimes, it might need you to uninstall and reinstall the app.

But the person who sent you a message could be a horrid hacker hellbent on ruining your day.

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