Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
Research | By Derrick Holloway

Net neutrality push begins anew in Senate, on websites

Net neutrality push begins anew in Senate, on websites

This openness online has been possible because our net neutrality rules prevented internet service providers from discriminating against certain people, content, platforms, and websites by charging more for equal access.

Numerous popular websites are on Red Alert as the nation has brought up the campaign to save net neutrality rules under Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Pai.

A vote by the Senate on the CRA resolution to overturn the FCC's December 2017 action has not been scheduled, but Markey said Wednesday he expected the vote to occur "in the coming days". The audio is below. With the prolonged absence of Republican Senator John McCain due to illness, proponents believe they will win on a 50-49 vote. Susan Collins, Maine Republican, prepared to vote with them.

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Opponents of the new net neutrality rules in the US have succeeded in calling a vote in the US Senate to overturn the FCC's plans. Ultimately, we found that there is a clear appetite among voters for comprehensive legislation that protects an open internet and provides clear rules for both ISPs and edge providers.

But even if the vote does pass, it faces stiff opposition with Republicans, who by and large support net neutrality - and the party now controls the House of Representatives. Still, this is now the best and the fastest way to preserve net neutrality. But last Friday, Connecticut Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman cast a tie-breaking vote in an evenly-divided Senate.

Tech companies, like Mozilla, Reddit, and Etsy, posted Red Alert banners on their websites to show support for the CRA Wednesday. The result was the passage of a bill that would force ISPs to adhere to net neutrality principles, similar to laws recently passed in Washington State and Oregon.

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I'll keep the pressure on for a fair, free, and open internet that keeps rural communities and small businesses like Lane's and Aimclear on track to compete and innovate in an increasingly global economy.

"What happens if the content we put out is not in the best interest of the internet service providers or those that work well with them?" Internet-savvy nonprofit and social justice organizations such as Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, and Color of Change are also behind the push.

In addition to pushing for the CRA's passage, open internet advocates have emphasized a number of other strategies and priorities for ensuring a truly neutral net, particularly with an eye to the long term. Of course, the House and Senate could override a presidential veto, but that would require a vote in favor of returning net neutrality to be cast by two-thirds of the members in each chamber.

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But while the package may pass the House it faces a more hard path - and potential procedural roadblocks - in the Senate.

The new leadership of the FCC has given us an opportunity to do just that, by freeing the internet from outdated, monopoly-era regulations.

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