Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
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United States safety agency reviewing fatal Tesla crash in Florida

United States safety agency reviewing fatal Tesla crash in Florida

Police and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating a recent fatal crash involving a Tesla Model S. The agency said that the investigation will focus on the electric vehicle battery fire. A yellow light warns drivers to slow to 25mph before a sharp left curve in the road; a witness tells ABC News the auto appeared to be going 50mph to 60mph when it crashed. The third passenger, who was in the back seat and ejected from the vehicle on impact, was identified this week as Alexander Berry, 18, also of Fort Lauderdale.

Commenting on the accident, Tesla said, "We have not yet been able to retrieve the logs from the vehicle, but everything we have seen thus far indicates a very high-speed collision and that Autopilot was not engaged". Last year, the agency investigated a Tesla Model S that killed a former Navy SEAL after he had crashed the Autopilot-enabled vehicle into a semitrailer truck.

Before Autopilot was available, Teslas were involved in two high profile fires in 2013, in which drivers ran over metal objects in the road which popped up and punctured the cars' battery packs.

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After afatal Model X accidentin March that involved the vehicle's battery catching fire, Tesla said the batteries in its vehicles are created to decrease the rate at which a fire can spread. The National Transportation Safety Board has send four investigators for investigation.

He said the agency was investigating because there was a post-crash fire involving an electric vehicle. The probe is part of the agency's attempt to "understand the impact of these emerging transportation technologies when they are part of a transportation accident", it said in a Wednesday reports.

Police said two 18-year-olds were trapped and died when the vehicle became engulfed in flames.

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"Our thoughts are with the families and friends affected by this tragedy", Tesla said in a statement.

The deadly crash is the second in six weeks involving a Tesla that's led to a NTSB investigation.

Fort Lauderdale police Detective Tracy Figone said the Tesla Model S burst into flames about 7 p.m. after the crash along the 1300 block of Seabreeze Boulevard.

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Earlier this month, Tesla and the NTSB got into an open feud over Tesla's release of information from the probe into the Mountain View crash. The NTSB said it revoked it, while Tesla said it voluntarily chose to remove itself from the party agreement.

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