Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Artificial Trans Fats Could Essentially Be Extinct By 2023

Artificial Trans Fats Could Essentially Be Extinct By 2023

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Read the Nutrition Facts panel on foods you buy at the store and, when eating out, ask what kind of oil foods are cooked in.

The step-by-step strategy is being called 'REPLACE'.

That is Dr. Tom Frieden.

The World Health Organization (WHO) urged all countries to get rid of trans fats in their food supply, with laws banning them if necessary. He said that they're not only encouraging governments to enact regulations and eliminate trans fats from local food manufacturers, but they also want to educate the public. This is an unprecedented move.

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What is artificial trans fat? Some of the most basic and most consumed foods that we generally eat nearly on a daily basis may include- cakes, pies, cookies, biscuits, margarine, cream-filled sweets, fried fast foods, doughnuts, et al.

Food manufacturers liked trans fat because it has a longer shelf life than other fats.

Promote the replacement of industrially produced trans-fats with healthier fats and oils.

These unsaturated fats occur in small amounts in nature, like in dairy and meat products, but was artificially prepared and sold as an alternative to oil and butter since the 1950s. Gram for gram, trans fats appear to increase risk of CHD more than saturated fats. "It's solid at room temperature, but it's also solid at body temperature in your coronary arteries".

The United States' FDA determined that trans fats were "not generally recognized as safe" in November 2013. Those nations, however, picked up the habit initially thanks to Western food conglomerates - trans fats do occur in tiny natural quantities in meat and cheese (they're therefore thought to be far less harmful), but in the 1950s they became an industrial product manufactured for margarine, shortenings like Crisco, packaged pastries, and almost anything fried.

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World Health Organization guidelines recommend a maximum of 1% of total energy from trans fat and 10% from saturated fats.

By the 1970s and 80s, a number of health researchers had started to realise these fats might be increasing disease risk - though research indicating this was often suppressed by the food industry, as Julia Belluz reported for Vox.

The organisation highlighted that several countries had already achieved this, by imposing legal limits on the amount of partially hydrogenated oils, the main source of industrially-produced trans fats, contained in pre-packaged food. The determination from the FDA said that removing the trans fats "could prevent thousands of heart attacks and deaths each year".

The WHO plan calls on governments to take specific steps.

Trans fats are responsible for about 540,000 deaths around the world every year - deaths that could be avoided if countries banned the use of industrially produced partially hydrogenated oils, which can be replaced with healthier options like vegetable oil.

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