Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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New documentary claims Whitney Houston was sexually abused as a child

New documentary claims Whitney Houston was sexually abused as a child

But in the film, Houston's former assistant, Mary Jones, says on-camera that Houston told her Dee Dee Warwick abused her. Though the possessor of an otherworldly voice, the parts of Houston's life not covered in the glitz of the stage are shown in measure; this is not limited to the scandals that surrounded her but reaches her everyday humanity.

Her brother Gary Garland also speaks about their childhood in the documentary and discloses his greatest trauma was being abused "by a female relative".

She recalls Miss Houston saying: 'Mary, I was [abused] too. Dee Dee is said to have struggled with narcotics addition and died in 2008, aged 63. "People think it's so easy and it's not", she says in one scene. "Pat Houston [Gary's wife], who's here, told me that, yeah, Whitney had told her this but not given any details".

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Houston died at the age of 48 on February 11, 2012, by accidentally drowning in a bathtub following a heart attack brought on after years of substance abuse.

Fans of Whitney Houston are in for a treat - the trailer for her upcoming documentary Whitney is finally here, offering an intimate look inside her life.

Though the Houston family has not commented on the allegations, the film, which also features interviews with her husband Bobby Brown, was made with their blessing. This doesn't help the cause in terms of allaying a viewer's doubts: it feels like Macdonald is taking care to placate Cissy and give her a degree of authorship.

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It seems that Whitney felt very ashamed of what happened to her and couldn't go to her mother to tell her. He also alleges that he was victimized by Dee Dee when he was much younger. "She was the one person who loved her who really wanted to take part but didn't", Macdonald told to EW of Crawford.

Tom Grierson, writing in Screen Daily, wrote: "Whitney is strongest when it connects Houston to the larger history of Black America, illustrating how this glamorous performer grew up in poverty and never entirely escaped the obligation of helping to pull up her underprivileged family members". You can check it out the Miramax and Roadside Attractions in theaters (in North America) starting July 6.

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