Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Technology | By Russell Knight

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be just two months away

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be just two months away

Since the Galaxy S8 previous year, Samsung has been moving its flagship launches earlier and earlier, shifting away from the company's once predictable strategy.

Galaxy S9
Update Your Samsung Galaxy Phones To Android 9.0 'P' & New Android P features

Samsung's announcement comes about a month after smartphone rival Apple released the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in a dazzling, candy-apple red.

Al-Sadr's Sairoon bloc sweeps Iraq polls
Prime Minister Hayder Abadi's faction may be a possibility, as Sadr has said it's possible they could form a government together. Sadr's father, highly respected Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Sadeq Al Sadr, was murdered in 1999 for defying Saddam Hussein.

So these claims do have some base to them. For fans of the Galaxy S9 and S9+, the new device will likely be a quite similar update. We don't know if putting a microphone on the S pen would be useful, but we're all about features.

Stan Lee files billion dollar lawsuit against former company
POW! Entertainment later released a statement to deny all of the accusations, "The allegations are completely without merit". Lee was himself accused last month of sexual battery and battery after he was sued by massage therapist Maria Carballo.

Compare that with the £739 or $729 you have to pay for a new Samsung Galaxy S9, and that's quite a difference.

Powerful Northeast Storms Kill Two, Snarl Commutes, Knock Out Power to Thousands
Power outages remained in many areas into Wednesday afternoon, with the lion's share of outages in NY state, CT and Pennsylvania. The National Weather Service on Wednesday said two tornadoes hit Putnam County, New York amid storms across the Northeast.

Samsung is said to be working on an Android Go phone and it is heading to India and other neighboring countries. This will also pave the way for the rumored foldable display device to come out at the Mobile World Congress in February. The company did also mention that the Sunrise Gold version will be available in additional markets soon, but didn't offer up a specific time frame or say where specifically it will be available. The Galaxy S10 would be announced in the first month of 2019 while the Galaxy X would make an appearance the following month, according to those rumors. Still, S9 sales aren't close to matching the success Samsung saw with its S7 lineup a few years back. The phablet is expected to launch by the late August or early September. There are a lot of co-works underway with outside part suppliers to develop various prototypes. By shifting its release schedule earlier by a month or two, Samsung will be able to steer clear of September's annual September launch for new iPhones.

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