Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
Research | By Derrick Holloway

Lions, tigers, a jaguar and a bear escape German zoo

Lions, tigers, a jaguar and a bear escape German zoo

Local authorities advised residents to stay inside their homes and call police if they see anything.

Two lions, two tigers and a jaguar have escaped from a zoo in Lünebach in western Germany, police have said.

Police told The Sun that the animals broke out of the Eifel Zoo, located near the borders of Luxembourg and Belgium.

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German media reports have suggested the animals' enclosures were damaged in a storm, after a river overflowed and damaged fences. Zookeepers said the five big cats had all been fed the day before their escape.

According to the zoo's website, it is owned by the Wallpott family and has three permanent employees. At the zoo, which is located on a riverbank, the water was knee-high.

A bear, however, was shot dead after flooding triggered by heavy rains swept away the fencing for its enclosure, allowing it to escape.

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Most were found on the grounds of the zoo and returned to their cages.

Five unsafe predators, including two lions, two tigers and a jaguar escaped from a zoo in Lunebach, western Germany.

In the end, a drone sighted the remaining escapees inside the zoo compound.

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