Published: Wed, June 06, 2018
Technology | By Russell Knight

Apple will now offer group FaceTime chats, more animojis for users

Apple will now offer group FaceTime chats, more animojis for users

Apple's initiative is the latest push from technology companies under pressure to address smartphone addiction.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is planning on unveiling features for iOS that will help control collective iPhone addiction.

Apple talked about Siri Shortcuts during they WWDC 2018 keynote. For example, you could say, "Game Time" to get a team schedule from TeamSnap, or "Groceries" to fulfill a standing grocery order from a grocery app.

Federighi also said that beyond the "Like" button, fingerprints like fonts and plug-ins can help companies figure out your identity and start to track you.

One of Apple's major selling points for iOS 12 is its ability to boost performance on those older phones, which we're sure will delight many users loyal to their elderly devices.

The software update will also let people group similar tasks together into shortcuts that can be accessed by simple phrases like "heading home".

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"It's something people have been looking for so it's a little overdue", added O'Donnell. People will be able to use the new app on the iPhone, iPad, HomePod or Apple Watch.

"It allows Siri to more strongly compete with Alexa and Google Assistant", Reticle's Rubin said.

As it turned out, Apple's focus this year was on digital wellbeing tools, which are essentially aimed at helping users spend less time on their smart devices.

Of any features, this might be most important to parents. Apple, however, doesn't allow third-party launchers on the iPhone.

More controls for notifications will be part of the next version of iOS' repertoire.

Yup, that basically means that apps can now offer free trials to users before they decide to buy which could encourage adoption and purchase of apps.

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Apple also launched a "Families" webpage in March, outlining ways in which parents can utilize the company's pre-existing features. In addition to this, grouped notifications are another offering that Federighi presented.

Right now, controls give two options - all on or all off. Shareholders want more options for controls that help with screen-time management.

Once you've registered your phone or tablet you'll need to install a profile that's sent to your iOS device. It also uses your iPhone's camera to virtually take accurate readings, letting you see the width, length, and height of things just by tapping your screen.

A Way, but Is There a Will?

He also raised his concerns about regulations stating "Generally, for me, I'm not a big fan of regulation, I think self-regulation is the best", Cook said.

These features are a welcome flag in the sand from Apple, but stop short of making Apple a leader in this space.

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Apple's efforts are praiseworthy, said Kevin Krewell, principal analyst at Tirias Research, but with a caveat. It will provide some insight into where you're spending your time and how much time you're wasting.

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