Published: Thu, June 07, 2018
Technology | By Russell Knight

Android P Beta 1 rolling out to Essential Phone

Android P Beta 1 rolling out to Essential Phone

Android P includes a long list of new features and improvements to Android. However, comparing Google's Android P Developer Preview beta 2 and Essential's Android P Beta 1 results in few differences between the two.

Others can enroll their device in the Android Beta program.

ARKit 2.0: Apple bets big on Augmented Reality with iOS 12
Notifications are getting improved in iOS 12. iOS 12 introduces new features to reduce interruptions and manage Screen Time . A new Do Not Disturb during Bedtime mode will dim you iPhone's display and hide all alerts until the morning.

Beta or developer preview, the same rules apply. Consumers can try out the new capabilities and functionalities now too, while Google gauges how the changes are received.

On the Google Issues Tracker page, you can see that Google has acknowledged the issue by stating: "We have passed this defect on to the development team and will update this issue with more information as it becomes available". Now would be a good time to start building apps taking advantage of machine learning-powered Adaptive Battery optimizations, the simplicity and polish of Google's fresh stock UI, and the enhanced biometric authentication security features.

Putin praises 'brave' Trump over planned meeting with North Korea's Kim
He is expected to ask Trump once again to raise with Kim the fate of Japanese abducted by the North in the 1970s and 1980s. Kim's regime claims that eight of the abductees have died and the other four were never in the country.

Redheads are finally recognised, while a new superhero emoji can be represented in two genders and five skin tones.

In the meantime, Google is encouraging developers to publish APK updates that are compiled against, or optionally targeting, API 28.

Why Sofia Richie Broke Up With Scott Disick
Apparently, Richie has made a decision to end the relationship, following allegations that Disick had been unfaithful . The two had been officially dating since September 2017, but are thought to have begun seeing each other in May 2017.

Developers can already download and install the latest Android P build through the developer site, or for those who signed up for the Android Beta Program, the update is rolling out and should reach your Pixel device soon. You can use the Google Play's beta testing feature to get early feedback from a small group of users and then do a staged rollout across alpha, beta, and production channels.

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