Published: Thu, June 07, 2018
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Door to talks with USA open in principle: China

Door to talks with USA open in principle: China

Human rights violations in China have worsened in the 29 years since the Tiananmen Square Massacre, despite that country making advances in other areas, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said yesterday in a statement to mark the anniversary.

Western media reported at the time that the death toll from the resulting massacre ranged from 100 to 3,000, but according to a secret United Kingdom diplomatic cable released in 2017, up to 10,000 protesters may have been killed.

The event happened on June 4, 1989 and the event is now marked by vigils in Hong Kong and other places with large Chinese diaspora populations.

"The words of Liu Xiaobo at his Nobel prize acceptance speech in 2010, "the ghosts of June 4, still have not found peace", said Pompeo, referring to the Chinese dissident who died in detention a year ago".

China must give power back to its people, as well as respect the rights that Taiwanese have in the worldwide community, which is the only way that Taiwan and China could have closer ties, it said.

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The authoritarian Communist Party rulers in Beijing insist that Taiwan and the Chinese mainland are part of a single Chinese nation and have vowed to take control of the island by force if necessary.

Open discussion of the crackdown is forbidden in China.

The bloody crackdown on pro-democracy Chinese student protestors at Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, remains one of the most censored political taboos in China today, as the Chinese regime has consistently downplayed the People's Liberation Army's bloody "cleansing" of Beijing streets and Tiananmen Square that night.

China lashed out at the United States yesterday after Washington marked the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen protests by urging Beijing to disclose how many people were killed in the crackdown.

"The Chinese government has already come to a clear conclusion regarding the political disturbances that occurred in the late 1980s", Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying told a regular press briefing.

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On Monday, the massacre's 29th anniversary, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released a statement calling for the Chinese regime to be accountable.

Hu Ping, another well-known Chinese dissident, said that the lack of democracy in China will eventually bring about catastrophic consequences for the United States and the world, as the Chinese Communist Party continues to increase its power while acting aggressively overseas.

"I hope that both sides of the Taiwan Strait can enjoy the universal values of freedom and democracy", she said in a statement on her Facebook page written in the simplified Chinese script used in China.

Tens of thousands of people gathered in a downtown park in Hong Kong for an annual public commemoration of the crackdown on a rainy evening.

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