Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
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Bill Clinton Blames NBC Editing for #MeToo Fail

Bill Clinton Blames NBC Editing for #MeToo Fail

"Clinton bears a tremendous responsibility for causing [a lack of decorum in national discourse], in my opinion", Behar said regarding the reaction of the former president when asked during an interview about his affair in the wake of the "#MeToo" movement. Kirsten Gillibrand of NY, who last fall said she rethought the Clinton era and now believes he should have resigned.

Clinton said he doesn't mind questions about Lewinsky but "didn't like this one because it started with an assertion that basically I had never apologized, as if I had never tried to come to grips with it and as if there had been no attempt to hold me accountable, which, anybody who lived through that, and knew the facts, knew wasn't so". "He's a huge abuser of the #MeToo movement".

After the crowd laughed, Clinton continued: "Here is what I want to say: It wasn't my finest hour".

Then when asked about his much-retweeted remarks on Wednesday, Paul expanded on what he meant when he said what happened in the Oval Office back then was not consensual sex. It depends on what the meaning of "I'm sorry" is. She then suggested Trump and Clinton have more in common than it seems.

"Do you owe her an apology?" the journalist had asked.

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Accusations of sexual misconduct, most famously his affair with Lewinsky, a White House intern, have been given fresh scrutiny in recent months as a series of high-profile men in entertainment, media and politics have faced consequences for allegations of misbehavior.

"I got mad when I should have been saying - I got a chance to tell a whole new generation that the journey I've been on the last 20 years is one the country has to take", Clinton said that night. I meant it then; I meant it now.

The former president said he has not apologized privately to Lewinsky - nor spoken to her at all - and that he does not believe such an apology is necessary because he has repeatedly done so publicly.

Clinton is "still making false allegations about that interview with Craig [Melvin]", Savannah Guthrie said at the top of the show, with Melvin seated at her side.

"And I apologized to my family, to Monica Lewinsky and her family and the American people", Clinton said.

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Clinton got himself in trouble earlier this week after he portrayed himself as a victim of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

She added: 'I'm sorry to say I don't have a definitive answer yet on the meaning of all the events that led to the 1998 investigation.

Ms Lewinsky and Mr Clinton had a sexual relationship from 1995 to 1997. Democrats, when it comes to their handling of Bill Clinton, have proven to be no better.

Speaking to Neil Cavuto on Fox News, Paul explained, "I think the problem is that I don't think he's truly contrite".

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