Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Economy | By Shawn Conner

‘All systems go’ for Trump-Kim summit, Singapore diplomat says

‘All systems go’ for Trump-Kim summit, Singapore diplomat says

Skeptics, however - and that's usually the default mindset for many Korea watchers - say there are still plenty of ways that diplomacy can implode.

Notably, the law imposes restrictions not just on these North Korean entities, but on any companies, banks or other entities that might want to do business with entities controlled by the North Korean government.

The US president is the first of the G7 leaders to leave the summit in Canada where he has briefed his peers on the meeting.

"As the venue and time of the summit have already been announced, security for Kim Jong Un will be tighter than for any other VIPs", said the professor, who was the first academic to establish a university major in South Korea on guarding and protection.

Trump then launched into a rambling monologue in which he appeared to compare meeting the North Korean leader with deciding if he might have a schoolyard crush on someone.

Trump abruptly cancelled the meeting last month, calling it "inappropriate" and citing "tremendous anger and open hostility" from North Korea.

This has led to "remarkable optimism" in the South, Kelly writes. And if the talks fail, he and South Korea would face the fallout.

Singapore had suspended trade relations with North Korea since November, prohibiting all goods from or to North Korea from being imported, exported, transshipped or brought in transit through Singapore in accordance with the sanctions imposed by the United Natiosn Security Council over Pyongyang's flurry of nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

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To achieve the goal of reconciliation and Korean integration, he needs the US-North Korea summit to take place.

A half-mile away at the Shangri-La Hotel, where the US side will stay, Secret Service agents, in a casual uniform of khaki slacks and dark polo shirts, milled about the lobby.

Kim's chief of staff was spotted in Beijing last week after wrapping up talks with US officials in Singapore which had included security discussions.

Kim's age also resonates with optimists.

He adds, "Moon Jae-in is a very good Trump handler and he understands the importance of flattery".

In a way, these folks have it easy.

The stakes are high, with American authorities warning that North Korea could soon have the ability to strike anywhere in the continental U.S. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was later driven out of power and killed in 2011 during the Arab Spring revolution, a fate not lost on the North Koreans.

In a New Year's address, Kim said his country had completed development of its nuclear programme and would focus on economic development, suggesting a meeting with South Korea.

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But with regime survival always a top concern for the North Korean leader, many analysts question whether he would ever be willing to relinquish a nuclear arsenal that helps maintain his grip on power.

But it's not completely barren territory for students of North Korean media.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated USA calls for North Korea to completely rid itself of all remnants of its nuclear weapons program before global sanctions are lifted on the pariah nation. "At the same time, Trump, by having signed or agreed to it himself, will become a captive of the agreement, and will find it politically hard to scuttle the deal".

Ruled for seven decades by the Kim family, North Korea has been a murderous dictatorship since its inception. "When you're approaching the altar with a serial philanderer, it's best to keep the divorce lawyer on speed dial".

There could be some, if Trump and Kim can compromise.

Also, by ensuring that missiles and nuclear weapons are forefront of the global community's mind, he has ensured there won't be any talk about human rights at these meetings. A much more hard, but crucial, "get" would be a full "declaration and accounting of all North Korean nuclear sites and fissile material".

Still, it's a serious contrast to the days previous year when choice insults - Trump's "little rocket man" and Kim's "dotard" - were flying between Washington and Pyongyang during the North's nuclear and missile tests.

Pyongyang has taken some steps to show sincerity, returning U.S. detainees and blowing up its nuclear test site. And I don't blame other leaders for that. "They are when every nerve strains to absorb, to calculate, to weigh". The domestic importance of Trump's visit is evidenced by the fact that much of USA media, and particularly conservative media, will have a presence in Singapore all of next week.

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