Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Economy | By Shawn Conner

Flying car firm backed by Google founder offers test flights

Flying car firm backed by Google founder offers test flights

Google co-founder Larry Page is one of the people helping to finance the Flyer, the connection apparently forged during Thrun's time with Google's autonomous vehicle unit (today called Waymo), which he helped to launch. Kitty Hawk says the Flyer is "easy to fly" but recommends professional training.

The startup's CEO said that securing public acceptance for the Flyer is its biggest priority and that he hopes to learn a lot from the test flights.

The flying vehicle company, Kitty Hawk, has shown off its latest iteration of the Flyer, a single seater "flying car" that's controlled with a single joystick.

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Northern Ireland hasn't had a government since early 2017, so responsibility for any change could fall to the British Parliament. Human rights campaigners have lost a court appeal over the legality of Northern Ireland's strict abortion law .

Flight time depends on environmental factors and if fat chaps like me are flying it, Kitty Hawk claim between 12 and 20 minutes. The suggestion is clear: please fly this thing over water, where at least if you crash you've got a chance. That vehicle broke a land-speed record, traveling at 89.59 miles per hour.

The Flyer, a recreational and lightweight aircraft, has been advertised as needing only an hour's-worth of training before pilots are ready to fly.

To ensure ease of use, the Flyer operates with software that utilizes data from multiple smart sensors for a fully stabilized and smooth flying experience.

Lyon Cancel Dealings With Liverpool Over Nabil Fekir Transfer
Fekir is one of the best attacking players in Europe who would be a great signing or Liverpool in the summer transfer window. Liverpool were obviously cautious of spending £54 million on a player that could have a long-term knee issue.

The single-seater (which is all electric, by the way), has 10 sets of rotors and two control sticks and can reach speeds of up to 20mph. "You definitely feel the vibrations". After a first successful test flight of a flying vehicle being accomplished recently, we can perhaps soon do what we would right now kill for - fly over traffic. The aim now is to get it in the hands of customers; people can express interest via the company's website. No price is listed publicly so far.

'Will people be willing to fly these devices or live next to a device like this that flies in your neighborhood?,' Thrun said.

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Even though Whittaker's belt won't be on the line, the fight still carries plenty of importance to the 185-pound division. According to Okamoto , the UFC is now working with Romero and Whittaker's camps to try to keep the main event together.

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