Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Economy | By Shawn Conner

Trump turns tables on G7 allies with free trade `proclamation'

Trump turns tables on G7 allies with free trade `proclamation'

Trump called Trudeau "dishonest & weak" after Trudeau said at a news conference that Canada would retaliate for new US tariffs.

The news conference was followed by a series of tweets by Trump, who responded by calling Trudeau "meek" and "dishonest".

Mr. Trump said he stood up his G7 allies who were angry over US steel and aluminum tariffs imposed against Canada, Europe and Mexico.

Canada charges the USA a 270% tariff on Dairy Products!

Trump said he pushed for the elimination of trade barriers, including subsidies and tariffs, at the G-7 meeting.

The government announced it would impose more than $16.6-billion in retaliatory tariffs, effective July 1, on a variety of US goods.

Ending trade with other nations under the current system, Trump said, would be "a very profitable answer if I have to do it".

UK 'committed' to Iran nuclear deal
He said: "My point was to harness the leading European countries to oppose the continued expansion of Iran". But the Israeli Prime Minister responded defiantly: "We have tried all these methods, they don't work".

In Paris, Macron's office said it wouldn't make sense and pointed out that the latest country to impose economic sanctions on Russian Federation was the U.S. Italy's new premier, Giuseppe Conte, tweeted that he agreed with Trump, saying: "Russia should go back into the G-8".

But in brief remarks to reporters before their bilateral meeting Friday afternoon, Trump seemed to lighten the mood, cracking a joke about Canada dropping all tariffs and claiming that relations between the two countries were perhaps better than they had ever been. "Angela and Emmanuel and Justin, I would say the relationshiip is a 10", he said.

The US president is en route to Singapore for a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which Trump described as a "mission of peace". "What was strong was the language that this can not go on, but the relationships are very good".

"We will not, can not sign a trade deal that expires automatically every five years".

Trump announced tariffs late last month in efforts to balance out what he has deemed to be unfair trade arrangements with various countries.

"The United States will not allow other countries to impose massive Tariffs and Trade Barriers on its farmers, workers and companies. While sending their product into our country tax free", he said. "We have put up with Trade Abuse for many decades - and that is long enough", he continued.

The US team would not countenance signing off on a pledge to implement the Paris Climate accord, which Trump's Washington wants no part of.

EA Origin Access Premier subscription gets pre-launch games
This meant you could play games in the vault as they became available from Electronic Arts and other publishers. Along with a 10% discount on Origin purchases.

"Canadians, we're polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around", he added.

According to BBC, Canada, the U.S., the U.K., France, Italy, Japan, and Germany agreed on "free, fair, and mutually beneficial trade", as well as, the importance to fight protectionism. The EU trade surplus with the $151 Billion, and Canada keeps our farmers and others out. "He is not going to permit any show of weakness on the trip to negotiate with North Korea".

G7 leaders pose for the family photo during the G7 Summit on June 8, 2018 in La Malbaie, Canada.

Trump added: "Very dishonest & weak".

Trump gave "a long, frank rant", the official said, repeating a position he carried through the 2016 USA election campaign into the White House that the United States had suffered at the hands of its trading partners, with French President Emmanuel Macron pushing back on the assertion and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe chiming in.

"Day two of the G7 summit in Canada: spontaneous meeting between two working sessions". Mr Trump said the move would protect domestic producers that were vital to United States security.

U.S. President Donald Trump said Nafta negotiators are "pretty close" to agreeing on some kind of sunset clause, a sticking point in talks, while warning the three-way pact can only survive if major changes are made. "The constant victim-talk doesn't help anyone".

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