Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
Technology | By Russell Knight

Microsoft Buys 4 Games Studios as Work Starts on Next Xbox

Microsoft Buys 4 Games Studios as Work Starts on Next Xbox

And while Forza Horizon 4 might not be the biggest surprise of E3, it brings an interesting new wrinkle to the beloved open-world racing series - and is as gorgeous and fun as the franchise has ever been. The game is set in Britain and features dynamic seasons in a shared open world where you play with the entire community. It'll be the first videogame appearance for McLaren's track-focused hypercar, and it's rendered in stunning detail for XBox One and PC users, along with a host of other exotic cars, including (but far from limited to) the Aston Martin Vulcan, Lamborghini Centenario and Pagani Huayra. A few of our favourites include the Metro 6R4 (seen sliding through a farmyard) and the Ariel Nomad, but the Forza franchise is also known for expanding its vehicle selection over time, so no doubt things will improve further as time goes on. Microsoft then emphasized that point by pouring autumn leaves from the ceiling onto the crowd of thousands in the theater. In the demo below, you can see the game in action, including the new dynamic seasons system, which adjusts the weather periodically and creates different driving experiences and events to keep players coming back for more.

Trump turns tables on G7 allies with free trade `proclamation'
Trump said he stood up his G7 allies who were angry over US steel and aluminum tariffs imposed against Canada, Europe and Mexico . Trump called Trudeau "dishonest & weak" after Trudeau said at a news conference that Canada would retaliate for new US tariffs .

Xbox has lost ground in the current cycle of video-game consoles to industry leader Sony. It arrives exclusively on Xbox One on 2 October, and if you've got a subscription to the Game Pass service, the game will be available through it on the very same day. The game will have full 4K and HDR support on Xbox One X, and will support cross-play and cross-save across Xbox One and Windows 10.

New Command & Conquer announced... but only for mobile
During EA's press conference, the company announced the first new Command & Conquer game since 2012 - Command & Conquer: Rivals . That wait, it seems, isn't quite over but there is confirmation that EA is still thinking about the property.

Justin Trudeau: We won't be pushed around by Trump
Of the 32 states that count Canada as their biggest export destination, 20 voted for Trump in the 2016 election. And he urged Canada's industrial leaders to remain calm in the face of ongoing threats from the U.S president.

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