Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
Technology | By Russell Knight

E3 2018: Telltale Working On Stranger Things As Minecraft Heads To Netflix

E3 2018: Telltale Working On Stranger Things As Minecraft Heads To Netflix

Microsoft actually doesn't have very much to worry about as far as game streaming is concerned, as it sounds like Netflix will be streaming very basic "adventures". "It's an extension of our other interactive stories". The new series will be the latest addition to its growing collection of interactive stories, which include kid-friendly titles like "Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout", "Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale", and "Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile".

Simmer down, everyone. Netflix isn't about to stream video games.

Few details about the game itself - such as the story and characters/cast members involved - have been revealed by Telltale at this stage, but the studio confirmed that the game will be coming "to consoles and computers at a later date". The company has confirmed to TechRadar that MineCraft: Story Mode for Netflix will be five-part licensed interactive narrative series. "There's a broad spectrum of entertainment available today", the company explained.

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Telltale's Stranger Things, while developed in cooperation with Netflix, is not now planned to launch in the same manner. Stranger Things was confirmed as a separate entity, coming to traditional gaming platforms like the company's previous works.

"We don't have any plans to get into gaming. Games have become increasingly cinematic, but we view this as interactive narrative storytelling on our service", it said.

Update, 1:40PM ET: Immediately after this story was published, CNET released a report of its own with clarification from Netflix.

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Stranger Things is one of Netflix's most successful original TV shows on its subscription service, with two seasons available to watch now and a third in production.

Sources say that playable demos of the experience have been in existence for at least the previous year, and that an announcement of the partnership "could happen any day".

This is actually an fascinating step for direct video game streaming. However, according to sources, Telltale went to HBO first with the idea of streaming game content, and the media titan turned the idea down due to how young the technology is. But it looks like we're waiting to see who'll make the first move in this bold new direction.

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