Published: Fri, June 22, 2018
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Ministers win key Brexit bill vote after concession

Ministers win key Brexit bill vote after concession

Such a vote would give the lower house more power to set the government's "direction" if the house rejects the agreement.

The Prime Minister defeated a demand for binding parliamentary approval on any final withdrawal deal she House of Lords amendment created to force the change by 324 votes to 298.

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill, coming back down to the Commons from the unelected Lords, is the draft law that would set the legal framework for Brexit.

The Prime Minister was expected to emerge unscathed on Wednesday from a second day of crunch votes in the House of Commons on the EU Withdrawal Bill.

The European Union Withdrawal Bill, a complex piece of legislation meant to disentangle Britain from four decades of EU rules and regulations, has had a rocky ride through Parliament.

The amendment was one of 15 that peers had made to the bill as it made a bruising passage through the upper chamber.

But, the pro-EU MPs' version of what they were promised appears to differ from what they government says it offered, threatening to reignite the dispute and reviving the possibility of a revolt that would badly damage May's authority.

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"We must think about the message parliament will send to the European Union this week", she said to the 1922 Committee, according to her office.

"It's not practical, it's not desirable and it's not appropriate", Davis said.

Downing Street insisted today it will not accept a compromise tabled by former Cabinet minister Dominic Grieve, which would force the government to come up with a new strategy in the event of the Brexit deal being rejected, and put that to MPs again for approval. Several pro-EU Conservative lawmakers said they would join the opposition in voting against the government.

The UK justice minister Philip Lee has resigned from the government to speak out against the government's policy on Brexit. Rebels have said they will challenge May's plans to leave the customs union during votes on other bills, on trade and customs, which will be brought back to the house some time before July 24.

"While it's tempting to hunker down and hope this will resolve itself, the need to secure a good Brexit - one that provides as much economic certainty as possible - is too important to simply bury our heads and hope". Pro-Brexit members of the government want to be able to play the "no deal" card, but the House of Commons, where pro-EU voices are stronger, would nearly certainly reject the idea.

It was not as simple on Tuesday, when May was forced to blunt another rebellion in parliament by offering a compromise that could hand lawmakers more control over Brexit.

A total of 89 Labour MPs defied Corbyn in the vote on this amendment, making it the party's biggest Brexit rebellion yet.

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Two years after Britain voted to leave the European Union, and eight months before it's due to leave on March 29, 2019, the bloc is frustrated with what it sees as a lack of firm proposals from the U.K about future relations.

A paper laying out the U.K. government position on future relations, due to be published this month, has been delayed until July because the Cabinet can not agree on a united stance.

Former home secretary Amber Rudd, a leading Remain supporter, and ex-party leader Iain Duncan Smith, a long-standing Brexiteer, warned defeat could lead to the fall of the Government.

The Sun says MPs have a choice - between "Great Britain" or "Great Betrayal".

A similar warning features on the front of the Daily Express, which runs with the headline: "Ignore the will of the people at your peril".

The Labour whips - who enforce discipline in the party - instructed lawmakers Wednesday to abstain on an amendment favoring membership of the EEA.

Britons voted 52 percent to 48 percent in favour of leaving the European Union in a June 2016 referendum.

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While promising "further discussions", he said he was concerned that empowering Parliament to "instruct" ministers what to do in the event of no deal would leave the United Kingdom in "very rocky constitutional territory".

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