Published: Sat, June 23, 2018
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UK's House of Lords Rejects PM May's Brexit Bill

UK's House of Lords Rejects PM May's Brexit Bill

The rebels sought to amend the flagship bill so they could send the government back to the negotiating table if they don't like the deal, or if talks with the European Union break down.

With the Government instead offering only an unamendable "neutral motion" allowing MPs to take note of the situation, Mrs May was thought to be facing a knife-edge vote.

"Therefore, in case of any doubt, the chances of the United Kingdom not to leave the European Union are now zero", Fox said.

The government won the vote with a majority 16.

Pro-EU legislators accuse the government of going back on its word.

Mr Grieve told MPs he was backing down and was now backing the government's proposals.

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The countries have hit each other with tariffs on $50 billion worth of goods; Trump has threatened to add another $200 billion . European Union steel and aluminium exports now facing U.S. tariffs are worth a total of 6.4 billion euros (RM29.6 billion).

Brexit could take as long as two decades to get European Union approval unless the two sides agree a "precise" blueprint in October, Guy Verhofstadt has said.

But after days of lobbying by Conservative officials that parliament should not tie the government's hands in the Brexit talks and that lawmakers were handing an advantage to the EU, Grieve seemed to have put his concerns aside.

Theresa May has seen off a Commons rebellion on her flagship Brexit bill after a last-minute concession to pro-EU MPs.

There will now be another vote on Wednesday after the Lords backed an amendment to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, tabled by Viscount Hailsham, which would require the Government to allow MPs to vote on how it would proceed in the absence of a Brexit deal by January 21 next year.

Victims of abuse have laid some of the blame at Britain's rightwing newspapers, which have dubbed anyone challenging the Brexit process "Enemies of the People" or "Mutineers".

What's more, in capitulating, the Rebel Remainers have in practice made it much less likely that the PM will either negotiate or deliver the Brexit terms they favour - because the True Brexiters in the cabinet will argue that today's vote proves the Remainers have neither the resolve or numbers to defeat them.

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Iran's oil minister walked out of an OPEC meeting to increase the supply of crude. But Iran has called on the group to resist pressure from U.S.

During a debate on the same bill last week, Soubry revealed that she knew of at least one MP who declined to vote as they wanted "because of threats to their personal safety".Three people have been convicted over the abuse against Soubry, one of whom was jailed for eight weeks.

MPs in the House of Commons voted to reject a motion that would have strengthened the power of lawmakers to intervene if no deal is reached with Brussels before Brexit in March 2019.

The news comes as Downing Street was heavily criticised for breaking with convention and refusing to nod through votes of sick MPs. He also said he had been reassured by a statement saying it was up to the parliamentary speaker to grant lawmakers greater influence over ministers.

"We can not accept the amendment on a meaningful vote agreed in the Lords", he said, adding that it "would undermine our ability in the negotiations to get the best deal for the country".

Mr Grieve said the statement amounted to an "obvious acknowledgement of the sovereignty of this place over the executive in black and white language".

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