Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
Technology | By Russell Knight

Fortnite's 'friendly' Playground mode comes back after delay

Fortnite's 'friendly' Playground mode comes back after delay

Have you tried Fortnite's Playground mode yet?

Enter the newly-released Fortnite Playgrounds mode which, after a delayed introduction due to some technical teething issues, finally lands today (July 3) enabling players to hone their skills before facing off in the full matches.

Giant LeBron James banner in Cleveland comes down
Here's some more news you already know: LaVar Ball is already insisting that his son, Lonzo Ball, is going to make LeBron better. That clearly was the thinking behind James reportedly texting Kevin Durant , trying to persuade him to join him in L.A.

Though Squads in Playground is a great way to practice stalking and terminating other players, getting some alone time in the new mode is essential for practicing building, edits, trap creation, and more. Unlimited resources and the absence of pressure encourages immeasurable creativity. Players also have one hour to build until their heart is content.

Epic invites everyone to join and go all out.

HNA chairman Wang died falling off wall in France, says police source
The source close to Wang said he was visiting France on a business trip and took a break to visit Avignon. Wang was unconsciousness after falling from the wall. "He had been under great pressure recently".

Throughout the LTM's downtime, Epic posted to Reddit to provide a number of updates on the process of testing matchmaking improvements, so players were kept in the loop. For one, returning region select to "auto select" should be a priority, in addition to selecting a preferred region. You'll find it in chests, Vending Machines or on the floor. Find them in the Event Store for a limited time.

As seen in the image below, Fortnite fans are currently able to pick up the new Independence Day skins now ahead of tomorrow's festivities should they wish to commemorate the United States of America's federal holiday in the wildly popular multiplayer sandbox survival shooter.

Pyschic octopus that predicted Japan's match results correctly killed before knockout stage
Paul , however, was fortunate enough to live out the remainder of his days in the comfort of the Oberhausen Sea Life Center. Wherever " Rabio " (or Rabiot , as some outlets have it) swam first was considered the creature's prediction.

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