Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
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Democrats' total war against Kavanaugh proves they hate the Constitution

Democrats' total war against Kavanaugh proves they hate the Constitution

"But Kennedy, in leaving the impression with Trump that Kavanaugh would be a great candidate for the job, helped the president make up his mind". The longtime Democratic Party activist, whose celebrity-endorsed Save the Day Superpac failed to sway the 2016 presidential election, warned that merely considering the judge for the Supreme Court will manifest tyranny.

Trump on Monday chose Kavanaugh, who sits on the Federal Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia Circuit, to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. The Senate minority leader vows to fight Kavanaugh "with everything I've got". In 2003, he served as Assistant to the President as the White House Staff Secretary, according to SCOTUS Blog. "I look forward to Judge Kavanaugh's public hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee and to questioning him in a meeting in my office".

The official spoke on condition of anonymity to describe internal discussions.

Although the president nominates new judges for the Supreme Court, his choice must be ratified by a vote in the Senate - expected to happen before the midterm elections in November. The justices who remain on the court include three who have backed broad abortion restrictions and a fourth, Gorsuch, who in all likelihood would.

"Thrilled tonight with @realdonaldtrump's pick for the United States Supreme Court", Rogers posted on Twitter.

Kavanaugh graduated from Yale Law School and clerked for Kennedy in the mid-1990s. He also was a key aide to Kenneth Starr during his investigation of President Bill Clinton and worked in the White House during George W. Bush's presidency.

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Democrats pounced on a years-old statement by president Donald Trump's U.S. Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh to drum up concern about how he might shield the president from Robert Mueller's investigation. "We want to speak up and show our support as former classmates and long-time friends". Many of us believed that Nixon's presidency could not survive the court's ruling.

The AFL-CIO labor federation and several unions came out strongly against Kavanaugh's nomination. "I think we should have the hearings; let's lay out the facts". Protesters filled the steps of the Supreme Court on Tuesday. Based on his opinions and published articles, Cardin says, it's clear that Kavanaugh thinks presidents should not be burdened with legal problems while in office.

"Rehnquist's dissenting opinion [in Roe...] stated that under the Court's precedents, any such unenumerated right had to be rooted in the traditions and conscience of our people", Kavanaugh summarized.

Kavanaugh has understood the employer's perspective in plenty of cases beyond Agri Processor. "But if we can make that case, we will get a majority". "They were going to war over it, and it all just continues to destroy their credibility", Gohmert told Fox News.

While many in pro-life and conservative circles are celebrating Kavanaugh's nomination, some suggest now is the time to scrutinize these and other ambiguities.

The White House would love to have the Democrats' votes for confirmation. And if Collins said "No thanks", then Democrats would have at least demonstrated to their pro-choice supporters that they are willing to sacrifice their partisan interests to principle in so important a matter.

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Senators are trying to frame the debate before Trump's 9 p.m. announcement.

"Not only did Mr. Kavanaugh say that a president should not be subpoenaed, he said a president shouldn't be investigated", Schumer said.

With little warning, the Republican administration announced it is freezing payments under an "Obamacare" program that protects insurers with sicker patients from financial losses. But with only 49 votes in the Senate, Democrats have few tools to work with.

Speaking on "Special Report with Bret Baier", Pence said he predicted Kavanaugh would secure a seat on the high court, despite intense opposition from progressive groups and top Democratic senators.

It's likely to backfire, though: Lacking a Senate majority, the Dems will have to peel off one or two Republicans to stop Kavanaugh.

WASHINGTON ― In 2005, a group of workers at a meatpacking plant in Brooklyn voted to join a union. "We have one justice and dozens of judges appointed due to their proven hostility to civil rights".

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