Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
Medicine | By Melba Vasquez

World Health Organization got Trumped over breastfeeding resolution

World Health Organization got Trumped over breastfeeding resolution

Eventually, Russia introduced the resolution, and the USA was unable to blunt the measure, although its delegation successfully struck language calling for the global health body to provide technical support for nations seeking to stop "inappropriate promotion of foods for infants and young children", and added the phrase "evidence based" to certain provisions, the Times reported.

The Department of Health and Human Services, which was the lead agency for the these negotiations, did not speak directly to the accusation of threats.

Canadian breastfeeding advocates say they're stunned by an especially aggressive USA attempt to water down breastfeeding protections at a spring United Nations meeting. It touted the benefits of breastfeeding in its response, saying that it estimates that about 820,000 child lives would be saved every year if all infants under the age of six months were breastfed.

"A breastfeeding mother must pump her milk as often as the baby usually eats", writes the United States Breastfeeding Committee, a nonprofit based in Chicago.

'We're not trying to be a hero here, but we feel that it is wrong when a big country tries to push around some very small countries, especially on an issue that is really important for the rest of the world, ' the diplomat said.

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The resolution, sponsored by the Ecuador, encouraged governments to oppose marketing that claims baby formula is better for babies than breastfeeding. In the end, the Times said, the Russians stepped in to introduce the measure - and the final resolution preserved most of the original wording. But in 2015, Texas passed a law mandating that public employers (like cities, counties and school districts) give breastfeeding moms breaks and provide a private space for them to pump during the workday other than a "multiple user bathroom". Millions of infants have safely consumed formula for decades.

The Trump administration also denied that USA officials had threatened trade sanctions in the debate over the resolution, AP reported. Such companies have lobbied to have their product included among in the essential recommendations given by hospitals or health care personnel to new mothers.

"A major risk of formula feeding in low-income settings is that the formula is available without the other safety precautions", Palmquist said.

"The formula industry is a multibillion-dollar industry", said Sullivan.

Rafael Perez-Escamilla, a professor at the Yale School of Public Health, told NPR this is part of a larger trend in the current administration "to help maximize profits at the expense of public health".

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Although the USA and many other countries promote a "breast is best" policy, many mothers are unable to breastfeed for a variety of reasons like medical challenges, insufficient maternity leave, or inability to afford time away from work often required for exclusive breastfeeding.

While Donald Trump is set to take to the skies over London in the form of an angry baby blimp, his administration has caused multilateral alarm by threatening to launch yet another trade war in Geneva, over breast milk.

UNICEF and World Health Organization also recommend exclusive breastfeeding from within an hour of birth until the baby is 6 months old.

That means the Trump administration was using the economic and diplomatic weight of US imperialism to promote policies that kill babies.

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