Published: Wed, July 18, 2018
Technology | By Russell Knight

Apple Introducing Over 70 New Emojis for iOS & Mac

Apple Introducing Over 70 New Emojis for iOS & Mac

If you're an iOS user who happens to love emoji, here's the best news you'll hear all day: in celebration of World Emoji Day, Apple has announced more than 70 new emoji for iOS. These include ones such as Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes and Three Hearts, Partying Face, Pleading Face and Cold Face.

Apple unveils 70 new emojis on World Emoji Day.Apple unveils 70 new emojis on World Emoji Day.

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Says he trusts U.S. intel but made clear he takes Putin's denials seriously. Added NBC's Hallie Jackson: "I think a fair word would be extraordinary".

Emojipedia‚ an emoji resource and the driving force behind World Emoji Day on July 17‚ announced the victor on Twitter and an online tech site on Tuesday evening.

For accessibility advocates, today's news will be tinged with disappointment as the range of disability-focussed emojis proposed in March 2018 were not included in the promo.

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New food emojis will arrive as well, like mangoes, lettuce, cupcakes and mooncakes. As per statistics revealed by Facebook, users on the social networking platform frequented the 3 heart emoji twice as much as this year compared to last year.

The new leafy green and mooncake emojis are meant to celebrate Chinese culture, specifically the Mid-Autumn Festival, Mashable reported.

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According to emoji lore, emojis first appeared in Japan (where else?) in 1999, when a telecom company created 176 cartoon-like images for the text-based emoticons people had used on mobile devices to express basic emotions. "In particular the redheads and curly-haired options are likely to be popular". Now you can send him or her a little lobster Emoji to let them know what you're craving for dinner. Dating app Tinder has also released infographics for World Emoji Day, including one for India.

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