Published: Fri, July 27, 2018
Medicine | By Melba Vasquez

'No evidence' Toronto shooter connected to Islamic State, police say

'No evidence' Toronto shooter connected to Islamic State, police say

Saunders said officials will continue to explore every investigative avenue, including interviews and reviewing the online activity and mental health experiences of dead gunman Faisal Hussain. An autopsy on Hussain was expected Tuesday.

Toronto Police are still trying to understand what caused the 29-year-old who worked in a Loblaws grocery store to go on the killing spree.

Few details have been released about Hussain's prior encounters with the authorities, except that both arrests reportedly occurred when he was under 18 years of age.

Just two days before the shooting, Toronto had deployed 200 more officers on the streets of at-risk neighborhoods between 7 p.m. and 3 an effort to reduce gun violence.

What law enforcement is saying is that the attack was planned, and Hussain was "well known to Toronto Police" for investigations into past crimes "involving weapons and violence". "No gun was found". It also reports that the statement from the Hussain family about Faisal's alleged mental illness was "provided by a professional activist associated with. the National Council of Canadian Muslims (the group formerly called CAIR Canada)". His family said he suffered from lifelong "severe mental health challenges" including psychosis and depression and had not responded to numerous treatment approaches, including therapy and medication.

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"Although we during the whole of his life, full of pain and suffering, tried to help him, we even could not imagine that his departure will be so devastating", - is spoken in the relatives of Faisal.

"Our hearts are in pieces for the victims and for our city as we all come to grips with this bad tragedy", Hussain's parents said.

Mourners could be seen carrying signs that read #DanforthStrong and other messages of resilience, showing the world that this vicious attack on The Danforth won't define who we are as a city.

The Shootout happened in the city of Toronto shocked the nation after an unknown man started firing at pedestrians on Sunday night in Danforth Avenue.

The neighbour said the Hussain parents are "really good human beings" saddled with a wave of trouble and grief.

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"Uncle, believe me, I am fully dedicated to my father", he said, using the common honorific.

This came out after those who knew him did not indicate such issues, and in fact spoke of what a nice guy he was, describing his big smile and how he wouldn't hurt a fly.

Hussain lost his sister to a auto accident, while his brother was hospitalised following a stroke.

Sources say the deceased shooter's personal life is being explored - including searching his family's residence in the Thorncliffe apartment building.

Meanwhile, as part of the investigation police are also looking into any possible connection to Hussain's brother, who is now in a coma, and a 2017 seizure of more than 30 guns in Pickering, Ont. Investigators also seized a computer. Investigations suggest that the man doesn't seem to have any motive behind the shootout.

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Little comfort to his victims, or to a city struggling to make sense of this tragedy.

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