Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
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Bachelorette Becca Kufrin picks her man and Bachelor Nation does not approve

Bachelorette Becca Kufrin picks her man and Bachelor Nation does not approve

For whatever reason, Becca is docking Blake for being a flawless fit with no red flags. But I just want to move forward, and to learn, and to grow, and to continue to educate ourselves."Though Becca and Garrett may disagree politically (The wallpaper on her Twitter page is Joe Biden), they didn't let their differing views drive them apart".

For the past few months, Garrett hasn't done much to address the controversy considering the show's weekly episode run and the relatively strict gag order placed over contestants still competing on the reality TV spectacular.

Why the Maldives? Because, as Becca explains, it's the ideal place to finally tell one of the men that she loves them (also, money). Kurfin even weighed in, saying she "can't fault anyone for what they believe".

Becca greets Garrett one last time with the officialBachelorette greeting of jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist.

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"The Instagram situation, I don't condone that", Becca said. Okay then. Elsewhere Garrett talks to Uncle Chuck about his feelings and they all start crying for some reason.

The rejection: It's a credit to the producers that they were able to keep us guessing (or at least some of us) until nearly the final moment, when the man she was about to reject stepped out of a motorboat onto the beach.

"At first I was nervous, but I think it was normal to be nervous right away, but I think it went pretty well", he said at the time. Then she cries that she doesn't want to hurt anyone and her mom basically says, lol, yeah, someone is definitely getting hurt - and it's probably Blake. "I know that Blake would make the best partner, father, husband, partner in crime". Many franchise fans wonder if Blake now becomes the frontrunner to be the 2019 Bachelor lead, but he has some stiff competition.

She told him, "You have been the most solid, constant relationship and one that I could turn to anytime".

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Becca unleashed one of the most baffling explanations for a breakup in television history.

Blake joined Harrison onstage at the live show where Harrison asked him questions that were mostly variations of "So how crappy does watching that footage make you feel?"

The 28-year-old Minnesota native gave the coveted last rose to Garrett Yrigoyen on a picturesque beach in the Maldives during Monday's dramatic three-hour finale. Again, I say: Ouch. Horstmann said that he knew she was special from the first time that he met her. "I really feel like I've not only found my partner in this, but I've also found myself", she said during the finale.

Last night, a rare thing happened on The Bachelorette. "When I found out where we were going for the finale [the Maldives] and knew how hot it was going to be, it was just flawless", the stylist explained. But the Instagram brouhaha also had the effect of essentially spoiling the season: The amount of immediate blowback from those involved with the show, including a full interview with Becca on the topic and a carefully worded apology from Garrett, suggested he was the season's victor.

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"We're so happy, so in love", Becca told Harrison in the studio.

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