Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
Medicine | By Melba Vasquez

Women's Month: Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed regardless of HIV status

Women's Month: Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed regardless of HIV status

The Institute for Nutrition in Central America and Panama (INCAP) is hosting a workshop in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and PAHO to commemorate breastfeeding week, which is being celebrated under the theme "Breastfeeding: Foundation for Life". "A mother might face problems like, pain while feeding, change in the nipple colour, cracked, sore nipple, Mastitis, Vasospasm, Plug Ducts, tongue or lip tie or cleft palates are some of the significant problems faced by mothers while feeding", Varsha Satyan, counsellor, Lactation Consultant, Member of Medela India LC Club says. Breast milk is made of fats, sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes and is created to promote brain and body growth.

Three in every five children are not breastfed in the first hour of life putting them at higher risk of death and disease and making them less likely to continue breastfeeding, a new report has revealed. For this, mothers are encouraged to breastfeed for up to two years and beyond with addition of complementary foods from the 6th month.

Only Sarri wanted me at Chelsea - Higuain feeling the love in Milan
Winning it would be extraordinary", Higuain said. "Alessio is a very strong player", Caldara said to DAZN. I kept receiving texts from my friends but initially I didn't know much about it.

Isokpunwu stated that averagely, women breastfeed their babies for only 19 months while majority gave babies water alongside breast milk in the first six months of life. Exclusive breastfeeding also helps to bring about bonding of baby and mother and helps delay a new pregnancy.

It has set a national target of 15% in exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. "It is recommended to meet a Lactation Counsellor at least 20 days before the mother joins back to work", Satyan adds. This is especially important as most establishments in Nigeria do not make any provisions for crèches where breastfeeding mothers can bring their babies so that the babies are close enough for the mothers to take breastfeeding breaks and breastfeed their infants. This year, World Health Organization is working with UNICEF and partners to promote the importance of helping mothers breastfeed their babies within that crucial first hour of life. Stunted growth and childhood malnutrition can be mitigated through better breastfeeding practices as one of its major contributors.

Three dead in Bologna highway gas tanker explosion
More than a dozen people were seriously injured, local media said, including police officers and carabinieri (military police). Italian media said a truck carrying cars collided on a bridge with another tanker truck containing explosive materials.

A Professor of Child Health and Consultant Neonatologist, University of Benin/University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UNIBEN/UBTH), Charles Eregie, has once more asserted that there are no substitutes to breast milk.

After the first feed, babies are to be breastfed on demand that is whenever the baby shows signs of hunger day and night.

China won't accept U.S. trade 'blackmail' - state media
China continues to move forward while for USA farmers, the trade war has represented a major step backwards. A 25% tariff would boost the cost of a range of USA imports at a time when inflation has begun to pick up.

Aside children, Prof. Eregie said mothers also benefit from the process, as suckling a baby just an hour after birth kick starts the stimulation of hormones (Oxytocin) for the quick contraction of uterus which prevents "post partum hemorrhage" (bleeding) and "involution" (return of uterus to normal size after birth). Early initiation of breastfeeding can prevent deaths caused due to diarrhoea and pneumonia. The HMOs are the third most abundant solid component in human milk after lactose and fat.

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