Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
Sports | By Ivan Ross

NCAA makes rule change, allows basketball players to have agent

NCAA makes rule change, allows basketball players to have agent

The NCAA unveiled several rule changes Wednesday, in hopes of eradicating - or more realistically, reducing - the significant amount of corruption, which recently stained the sport and was exposed a year ago through an FBI investigation. College players would have to request an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee on their draft prospects. Under the rule, agents representing these athletes must be certified by the NCAA.

Agents would be allowed to cover minimal expenses such as meals and transportation tied to meetings or workouts with pro teams.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said last month the league is ready to allow high school players to enter the draft directly again, and it could resume in 2021, while Division I schools will be required to pay tuition, fees and books for players who leave and then return to the same school to complete their degree, through an NCAA-established fund.

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High school and college basketball players can also have agents.

This helps a lot of the players that declare early to take their career to the next level have more comfort in their decision if it does not work out.

According to a news release by the NCAA, the "NBA draft flexibility rule will go into effect when the NBA or the NBPA make an expected rule change, which would make undrafted student-athletes who return to college after the draft ineligible for the NBA until the end of the next college basketball season".

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If coaches and staff are making any money off an outside company - like an "apparel company" - they will have to report that to their schools, too.

The NCAA is also adopting changes it hopes will improve its enforcement process when handling cases of rules violations.

University presidents and chancellors will be held "personally accountable" for any rule-breaking by their athletic departments. "Those who break rules face stronger penalties, including longer postseason bans, longer head coach suspensions, increased recruiting restrictions and additional fines".

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