Published: Sat, August 11, 2018
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Perseid Meteor Shower 2018: 5 Things To Know

Perseid Meteor Shower 2018: 5 Things To Know

A clear sky could make way for an incredible natural show of streaking fireball meteors and so far, (as of Friday afternoon) the forecast is looking ideal!

You don't need any equipment to view the shower, it is best watched unobstructed by telescopes or binoculars.

The Perseid meteor shower will reportedly reach its peak visibility over this weekend (11-12 August). If that's accurate, it means that if you can see the stars of the Big Dipper, you should be able to see numerous Perseid meteors, astronomer Steven Bellavia from Brookhaven National Laboratory told Gizmodo.

A Small Window to see the Perseid's This Weekend
When is the best time to see them? 2018's forecast is looking good: Predicted to peak between 4 p.m. And conditions for viewing the meteors will be next to ideal this year.

The meteors originate from the constellation of Perseus, which gives it its name. This is the time period where the Earth passes through the Swift-Tuttle comet's debris field.

If you're hoping to view this weekend's peak of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower, dubbed one of the best each year, then we have good news with regard to Colorado's weather forecast. The meteor shower will peak overnight into Monday, with 70 meteors visible each hour, according to the Royal Astronomical Society.

Perseid meteors pose no threat to Earth, as many of them burn up in the atmosphere more than 50 miles above the surface.

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As long as it's a clear night, the meteors will be visible to the naked eye.

Daytime heating caused some instability to our north this afternoon with showers and thunderstorms mostly in the U.P. but a few showers did make their way into Northeast Wisconsin. It's a rich meteor shower, and it's steady.

Some meteors could appear streaking across the sky for several seconds, leaving a trail of glowing smoke in their wake. Meteor showers are a great opportunity for time-lapse videos and long-exposure photography, allowing your shots of the night sky to turn into van Gogh-like paintings of this starry spectacle.

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